Staff - Server and Storage Management Group

The list contains 11 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Amedov, Safet Senior Engineer +47-22840038 91735782 (mob)
Andresen, Kjell Senior Engineer +47-22852837 +47-91326180 (mob) Servere
Benonisen, Martin Strokkenes Head Engineer +47-22840115 41223774 (mob)
Døssland, Kristen Head Engineer +47-22852526 +47-91336179 (mob)
Forsbring, Morten Werner Head of Group +47-22852893 +47-90039290 (mob) virtualization, storage, datacenter, project leadership, Linux, network, high availability, loadbalancing, ipv6, dns, hostmaster
Hauglin, Helge Senior Engineer +47-22840751
Nikolaisen, Ketil Senior Engineer +47-22852805 +47-97555158 (mob)
Odberg, Anders Chief Engineer +47-22852832 +47-91536792 (mob)
Phung, Sam Apprentice
Tannæs, Tom Senior Engineer +47-22852512 +47-92814537 (mob)
Trøen, Lars