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Picture of M Abohussein Abohussein, M Head Engineer +47-22852923 +47-48129728
Picture of Temsgen Abraham Abraham, Temsgen Senior Engineer +47-22840808 +47-95734757
Picture of Lene Akerhaugen Akerhaugen, Lene Head Engineer +47-22852949 +47-95705921
Picture of Johan Amalathas Amalathas, Johan Executive Officer
Picture of Safet Amedov Amedov, Safet Driftsoperatør
Picture of Safet Amedov Amedov, Safet Senior Engineer +47-22840038 91735782
Picture of Trond Hasle Amundsen Amundsen, Trond Hasle Head of Group +47-22840058 +47-90052080 90052080
Picture of Marko Andic Andic, Marko Senior Engineer +47-22840786 +47-40341135
Picture of Jan Andreassen Andreassen, Jan Senior Engineer +47-22852863 +47-48031077
Picture of Kjell Andresen Andresen, Kjell Senior Engineer +47 228-52837 +47 91326180
Picture of Knut Augedal Augedal, Knut Senior Engineer +47-22840173 +47-47285001
Picture of Haneef Awan Awan, Haneef Senior Engineer
Picture of Abdulrahman Azab Azab, Abdulrahman Senior Engineer +47-22840036 46797339 Java, .Net, Python, Docker, Grid computing, High-Performance computing, High-Throughput computing, Bioinformatics, Galaxy, scrum, HTCondor, Singularity, Programmering
Backer, Dag Overingeniør +47-22857854 +47-97114521 AV, Events, Support
Picture of Vidar Bakken Bakken, Vidar Head Engineer +47-22845537
Picture of Gøksel Basdag Basdag, Gøksel Senior Engineer +47-22840755 +47-91648426
Picture of Martin Strokkenes Benonisen Benonisen, Martin Strokkenes Head Engineer +47-22840115 41223774
Picture of Said Benounis Benounis, Said Senior Engineer +47-22852732 +47-93863267
Picture of Dagfinn Bergsager Bergsager, Dagfinn Head of Group +47-22840047 +47-95204665
Picture of Audun Bjerknes Bjerknes, Audun Adviser Video production, Podcast, Learning, Multimedia, E-learning, MOOC, Wiki
Picture of Petter Bjørbæk Bjørbæk, Petter Head of Group +47-22852751 +47-41564876
Picture of Jarle Bjørgeengen Bjørgeengen, Jarle Chief Engineer +47-22852759 +47-91557978
Picture of Halvor Bjørn Bjørn, Halvor Head Engineer
Picture of Dag Christian Bjørnsen Bjørnsen, Dag Christian Head Engineer +47-22845590
Picture of Carl Morten Boger Boger, Carl Morten Head Engineer
Picture of Martin Bore Bore, Martin Senior Engineer +47-22840147 +47-46661305
Picture of Knut Borge Borge, Knut Section Manager +47-22852519 +47-91844208
Picture of Marit Brennset Brennset, Marit Adviser +47-22840159 +47-95050638
Picture of Anders Bruvik Bruvik, Anders Head of Group 22852792 42042944 OS X, Linux, Mobile Devices
Picture of Anders Bruvik Bruvik, Anders Head of Group 22852792 42042944
Picture of Eva Bryn Bryn, Eva Senior Engineer +47-22840160 +47-97148146
Picture of Jonas Braathen Braathen, Jonas Head Engineer +4745480454
Picture of Paal Braathen Braathen, Paal Head Engineer +47-22840063 +47-98619765
Picture of Luke Thomas Bullock Bullock, Luke Thomas Head Engineer +47-22857920
Picture of Henrik Bøhle Bøhle, Henrik Senior Engineer +47-22852506 +47-90786129
Picture of Gia Cuong Chiem Chiem, Gia Cuong Head Engineer +47-22852821
Picture of Mirjana Coh Coh, Mirjana Adviser +47-22852942 Video production, Podcast, Learning, Multimedia, E-learning, MOOC, Wiki
Picture of Mikael Dalsgard Dalsgard, Mikael Senior Engineer +47-22852753 +47-92035981
Picture of Liv-Marit Davidsen Davidsen, Liv-Marit Section Manager +47-22840133 +47-97470812
Picture of Sverre Didriksen Didriksen, Sverre Senior Engineer +47-22852522 +47-90597500
Picture of Leon Charl du Toit du Toit, Leon Charl Senior Engineer
Picture of Kristen Døssland Døssland, Kristen Head Engineer +47-22852526 +47-91336179
Picture of Jarle Ebeling Ebeling, Jarle Head of Group +47-22852841
Picture of David Egeland Egeland, David Head Engineer +47-22840122 +47-99625747
Picture of Hans Eide Eide, Hans Senior Adviser +47 22840187 +47 45465804
Picture of Martine Eklund Eklund, Martine Head Engineer +47-22845527
Picture of Asbjørn Engeli Engeli, Asbjørn Senior Engineer +47-22852513 +47-99293924
Picture of Lasse Enger Enger, Lasse Head Engineer +47-22851099 +47-46545282
Picture of Aleksander Erichson Erichson, Aleksander Engineer
Picture of Tomm Eriksen Eriksen, Tomm Head of Group +47-22840177 +47-92861986