USIT gathers its forces

The building which for years has been the "mother ship" for USIT employees with office in other buildings, is now almost ready to welcome (almost) all USITers home.

The Computer Science Building, Old Ifi, Ifi 1, USIT, Kristen Nygaard's building – from now on, let`s decide on using the last in the series and welcome USIT to Kristen Nygaard's building. After the Department of Computer Science moved, a lot of rebuilding and renovation has been going on, so now Kristen Nygaard's building is almost ready for new occupants. There is room for almost all USIT employees, and the co-location will bring a lot of good with it.

"We look forward to getting together," says USIT's Head of administration, Liv-Marit Davidsen. "The daily contact between colleagues who previously were located in different buildings, will quickly lead to an increased exchange of ideas and other information, which in turn will improve our services," she continues.

The newly renovated Kristen Nygaard's building will in addition to rooming nearly all USIT employees, also include a new support and service centre and a well equipped computer training room.

Published Nov. 2, 2011 11:19 AM - Last modified Nov. 2, 2011 11:32 AM