Abel: New computing facilities for research at the University of Oslo

The Universitys Center for Information Technology (USIT) at the University of Oslo has signed a contract for new, advanced computing facilities for research.

The new contract is with the German company Megware Computer Vertrieb und Service GmbH who will now be a supplier of equipment to a value of 27 million Norwegian kroner. The new computing resource will be named Abel, after the Norwegian mathematician Nils Henrik Abel, and is a replacement for the aging Titan computing facilities.

From Life Sciences through climate change to the elementary particles

The facility is funded by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Oslo, and will be included in the Norwegian infrastructure for computational research, NOTUR. In addition, Abel is a Tier-1 system in the European research cooperation PRACE, Partnership for Advanced Computation in Europe. The facility will provide computing power and related support services to a large number of researchers.

- Not only will Abel be a welcome and necessary resource for our researchers and students, says IT director at the University of Oslo, Lars Oftedal, - but since the facility is part of a larger European cooperation, it will also contribute directly to strengthening the University of Oslo's position as a leading research university in an international context.

Abel is designed to run a large number of concurrent tasks with large data sets and / or memory requirements. Such applications are needed in a growing number of research areas, but especially in Life Sciences (bioinformatics), climate research and high energy physics.

- The challenge has been to arrive at a type of computing service that can support as many of our scientists as possible, some with very sophisticated needs, said Dr. Hans Eide, group leader for the Research Computing Services Group at USIT.

The new facility will be installed during June 2012, and will be found in the new data center that is part of the university's new science-flagship, Ole Johan Dahl's house in Gaustadbekkdalen. Computing resources will be available to researchers from mid-July.

Published Apr. 20, 2012 11:59 AM - Last modified Mar. 11, 2019 9:45 AM