New Head of Section in SUAF

Tina Lingjærde is new Head of section in SUAF – Section for Development of National Administrative Systems at USIT. Tina goes to the position from the FUS group, where she has been Head of group for 8 years. 

Tina Lingjærde, Head of section in SUAF

Lingjærde has an M.Sc. in Computing from the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oslo and has been employed at USIT since 1994. Since then she has worked in both the FS and SO groups in SUAF, with research, documentation and data warehousing solutions. It is safe to say that she is familiar with the section's all kinds of business. In addition, she has been general manager of research documentation system Cristin (formerly Frida) for many years.

National player

SUAF is an important player in the higher education in Norway, as a supplier of large administrative services at all levels. The most important tasks, as Lingjærde sees it, is to get the systems to function optimally, so that life becomes easier for all who depend on them, the students, the administrative staff, researchers and now also the health sector.

- Our goal is always optimal utilization of technology to offer the higher education sector the best joint solutions, says Lingjærde. - We contribute to the common good, while we also develop our own expertise.

In 2011 and 2012 SUAF went through a major reorganization, and the new group structure is beeing implemented in these days. 

In addition implementing the new organization, all other work must go ahead as normal. Constant updating and rewriting of existing systems, new tools must be evaluated and tested, and there is a constant need for new employees from a number of fields of expertise. But SUAF must also focus on the more political processes. Lingjærde explains:

International inspiration

- We want to be the best teammate for the sector and the government administration for these higher education sector services. We must make sure to be a good sparring partner for them, explore new technologies and opportunities, be prepared and deliver when needed. Similar systems exist in Sweden and Italy. We have good and established forms of contact with them and together we see opportunities and inspire each other. It is not enough to focus on Norway, our field spans the globe, and I am pleased to say that our services have a good reputation internationally.

Finally, the new head of section gets to tell us what she appreciate the most with her new position – and there is no doubt:

- It's incredibly exciting to lead such a talented professional department with so many stakeholders, and to be involved in influencing the future of so many in so many different ways! Just think about how important our services are for so many people in so many different situations. It is a great responsibility we manage through our technology, our systems. So SUAF is never boring, says Tina with a big smile.

Published May 24, 2012 9:48 AM - Last modified Jan. 1, 2013 11:05 AM