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Exciting new app development at USIT

Four new apps, the first of their kind in Norway, are ready to be launched at USIT. And USIT is just getting started.

New mobile apps are available every day, but apps that may revolutionize scientific research are not the norm.

– Apps are nothing new, but in regards to scientific research, this has not been done before, says group leader Dagfinn Bergsager.

Four new health apps

The four new apps are nearly done and were piloted in late February, 2016. The apps will be an important resource for the scientific researchers at UiO and may also increase the quality of research.

– There is often a problem getting the respondents to fill in the forms and then turn them in. The apps will make this a lot easier. The respondents will receive a push notification on their smart phone when it is time to register a response. This may be a notification that tells the respondent that it is time for them to take their medication or do an exercise. When they are done doing what the notification told them to do, they can register it in the app instead of writing down the information on a piece of paper. The information will be sent directly to the researchers, Bergsager says.

All the information is sent and stored in TSD, which means that Bergsager can guarantee that the information is safe from unauthorized use.

– TSD is a service where the users can collect, store, share and make calculations with sensitive data in a closed environment. By doing this, the sensitive information, which is sent from the apps, will be unavailable for unauthorized users.

Useful for both respondents and researchers

The apps are important for both the respondent and the researcher. The researcher gets answers continuously while the respondent gets a useful tool in their everyday life.

– The researcher can follow the respondent much more closely and get more detailed answers. It is also a lot easier. With the apps can get data from the respondent immediately instead of getting potentially inaccurate data long after the registered event has occurred.

– Only the beginning                      

These four apps are only the beginning. Bergsager thinks there will be a lot more apps made at USIT in 2016. Not only those which are aimed at health care research.

– We have started building a framework which makes it easier for us and our potential users to make good apps and we will gladly take assignments from the other faculties and units at the university, Bergsager says.

Published Apr. 4, 2016 1:24 PM - Last modified Apr. 4, 2016 1:28 PM