Travelling with UiO IT services

Summer is here and many of you are going on vacation. Did you know that we have a number of IT services designed to make your travelling easier?

Free WiFi in airports

The Eduroam network, which is the standard network at UiO, is also available at all Avinor airports in Norway. Gain access by using your regular UiO username and password. This means that you have access to a stable network for free as long as you need. Eduroam is also available at educational institutions in 74 countries. See the overview here.

Easy access to e-mail and calendar

Log into to gain easy access to your e-mail and calendar. You do not need to install Outlook or any other client to your computer, as this is a web service. You may also add your e-mail and/or calendar to your mobile device.

Working during the summer?

You can use our IT services whether you are going on a summer holiday or travelling for work. Connect to your work computer (stationary or laptop) through Remote Desktop. This allows you to gain access to your desktop, installed programs and home disk. If you are using Remote Desktop for the first time you have to contact your local IT to open a connection.

UiO Programkiosk

If you need to use any of the programs available at UiO, but haven’t installed it, or if you need to access your desktop without using Remote Desktop, log in to the UiO Programkiosk. Log in using your UiO username and password on the UiO Programkiosk web page. Click on the program you wish to use or click on File Explorer to gain access to files on your work computer or on your home disk

Published June 17, 2016 1:59 PM - Last modified Oct. 14, 2016 12:01 PM