New MOOC from UiO

An Introduction to Norwegian has been mentioned both in the rector's blog and in the university paper Uniforum. USIT has played a significant role in the development and production of this free online course (MOOC).

Free, Internet based language training

An Introduction to Norwegian is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). This means that it is a course that keeps the same quality as the courses that are given physically at the University of Oslo (UiO). The big difference is that these courses are free and available to everyone with an Internet connection.

The lessons have been filmed and are uploaded so that the participants can learn both about Norwegian language and culture. The course is a four week course, with five lessons each week.

The course started january 16th and is open for registration. The course is primarily developed for those who wish to study or work in Norway, but UiO is also recommending it for newly arrived refugees  who needs to learn Norwegian fast.

Pioneering work

– The combination of an open online course and a chat bot is exciting pioneering work for education at the University of Oslo that we want to follow up on, says the section manager in the USIT section for digital media in education, Linda Johansen.

– A week before start there was over 10 000 people in 160 countries who had registered. We are curious to see how many of these will finish the course and what feedback we will get. We are very happy with the work we have done and will bring the experiences we have had into other projects, Johansen says.

USITs contribution

The USIT section for digital media in education (DML), lead by Audun Bjerknes, has contributed with the tender launch and with choosing the production company. He is also responsible for the directing, recording and the post production of the instructional videos and trailer.

Svein Harald Kleivane, also in DML, has been the project coordinator and technical facilitator and has also maintained the quality control procedures between UiO and Futurelearn (the platform in which the course is available on). In addition to this, Kleivane has also designed the course to fit the genre.

Do you want to know more?

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