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TSD in two minutes

Have you ever wondered what TSD actually is? Watch this two minute movie to understand more about one of USITs research services.

This spring, USIT started to make a movie about TSD. The intention of the movie was to showcase one of USITs most well-known research services – TSD (Services for Sensitive Data). Gard Thomassen, assistant director for the Department for Research Computing, spearheaded the project.

After some assistance from the video producers at LINK (Center for Learning and Education) it was quickly decided to make an animation movie to be able to easily communicate the uses of TSD. 

– Our goal was to show people what TSD can do, both to politicians and decision makers, but also to the researchers at UiO and researchers at other public research institutions, Thomassen says.

Simpler and less technical

– We want to show, in a simple way, what TSD is, without confusing our users with too much technical talk. We felt the easiest thing to do was to simplify the expression by using animation, he says.

An animator at the media company Visual Labs assisted in the preparations, together with USIT representatives. The animator then put together the script and the wishes from the USIT representatives. The result is a modern animation movie with useful information about TSD. And a little bit of humor. 

Good result in a short amount of time

The script was written shortly after the first meeting, and the movie itself was ready for audiences on August 20th.

– This is a movie we will be using a lot, both in situations where I am talking about TSD and our other research services, but also as a fast and simple two-minute way to explain the use of TSD, Thomassen says.

If you are curious about TSD, read more about the service here.

Published Aug. 24, 2018 2:07 PM - Last modified Aug. 24, 2018 2:16 PM