New IT organisation at UiO: Wants feedback from all faculty, staff and students

On January 1st 2023, the new joint IT organization for UiO comes into force. The organisation's vision is to be user-oriented, inclusive, highly competent and creative, and already in November we are seeing results of the user-orientation in the form of a survey that is sent to all faculty, staff and students.

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What do you think?

Petter Bjørbæk, assistant director of the new IT depatment division IT User Contact and Service Centre, is eager to get started. – We begin our work by sending out a user survey. If we are to provide faculty, staff and students with better IT services and IT support for research and education in the coming years, then we need to know how the IT offerings at UiO is perceived now, to have something to measure against, he explains.

A new, joint IT organisation

– It is not like everything to do with IT will be different from January 1st, but that is the beginning. What most people will notice straight away is that we will have one common point of contact for IT. The IT staff you are used to be in contact with will still sit in the same place and be the local representatives who help you, but we eventually want most inquiries to go to IT Help, the new point of contact. Then we can sort out what can be solved immediately, and see what requires a personal attendance or a visit from locally based IT staff. The IT staff based at the faculties and institutes will ensure that the knowledge of both individuals' needs, projects and professional fields is passed on and developed in the new organisation, the new assistant director continues.

The final touches on the plans

The work to find the right form for the new organization has been going on for a long time, and has its origins in the University Board deciding that UiO should have a joint IT organisation. The work is now in a very exciting phase for everyone who will join the new organization, because it is now that the final touches on the plans are made. –The new IT organization aims to focus its efforts on research and education, and to be more adaptable. We will support the world-leading research and education that UiO delivers, and we will adapt the IT organisation and the UiO to the increasing digitization and the increadible pace at which technologies are developing, says Bjørbæk. – In the end, it is always those who use the IT solutions who can say whether we are successful or not, so based on this survey we can assess the development in how satisfied people are in the future.

What's up?

The new IT organization comes into force in the new year, and many of the major changes are internal to the organisation. For everyone who uses IT at UiO, the change will primarily be experienced by the creation of a common contact point for enquiries. You don't need to wonder who to contact, because either your inquiry will be resolved at first contact with IT Help, or it will be forwarded to the right person. But as everyone knows, we need some time to get used to changes, so no one will be turned away from the old contact points. The locally based IT staff will not be moved either, so there will be familiar faces to greet us also in the new year. Remember that you will always find an updated overview of IT at UiO, including contact points, at


Published Nov. 2, 2022 2:34 PM - Last modified Nov. 2, 2022 2:34 PM