Staff - Division for User Services

The list contains 132 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aasland, Hans Martin Head Engineer
Acet, Güllüzar
Akerhaugen, Eirik Principal Engineer
Amalathas, Johan Principal Engineer +47 22845721
Andersen, Jørgen Hjemmen Principal Engineer +47 22845718
Andersen, Petter Haugen Head Engineer
Andic, Marko Senior Engineer +47 22840786
Barkhall, Håvard Head Engineer +47 22850627 +47 47638702 (mob)
Bastesen, Herman Head Engineer +47 22845734
Berg, Tone Marie Fredriksen Head Engineer
Bergsager, Dagfinn Head of Group +47 22840047 +47 95204665 (mob)
Birkeland, Egil Elias Ravnå Head Engineer
Bjerke, Thomas Boldevin Head Engineer
Bjølverud, Andrea Schackt Principal Engineer
Bjørnsen, Dag Christian Head Engineer +47 22845590
Braathen, Jonas Senior Engineer
Broen, Sverre Stafsengen Principal Engineer
Brøndelsbo, Oscar Urfjell Head Engineer
Buen, Christoffer Klevstad Principal Engineer
Bullock, Luke Thomas Head Engineer +47 22840028
Børseth, Ruben Principal Engineer +47 22845732
Chiem, Gia Cuong Head Engineer +47 22852821
Dahl, Per Kulseth Head Engineer +47 22845701
De Backer, Leon Joachim Buverud Principal Engineer +47 22845740
Debru, Solomon Principal Engineer +47 22845715