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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Martin Arentsen Espeland Espeland, Martin Arentsen Engineer
Picture of Are Evju Evju, Are Adviser +47-22840160
Picture of Hans Kristian Fjeld Fjeld, Hans Kristian Section Manager +47-22854343 +47-93264903 93264903 93264903
Picture of Morten Werner Forsbring Forsbring, Morten Werner Head of Group +47-22852893 +47-90039290 hostmaster, loadbalancing, project leadership, virtualization, datacenter, dns, ipv6, network, high availability, Linux, storage
Picture of Rikke Julie Foss-Pedersen Foss-Pedersen, Rikke Julie Senior Engineer +47-22845586 +47-93010790
Picture of Håvard Fosseng Fosseng, Håvard Senior Engineer +47-22852524
Picture of Robert Frøseth Frøseth, Robert Head Engineer +47-22840959 +47-46747383
Picture of Marte Hesvik Frøyen Frøyen, Marte Hesvik Senior Engineer +47-22845535 +47-47279041
Picture of Pål Fugelli Fugelli, Pål Senior Engineer +47-22852965
Picture of Tor Fuglerud Fuglerud, Tor Head of Group +47-22852901
Picture of Kjell Erik Furnes Furnes, Kjell Erik Senior Engineer +47-22840052
Picture of Hallvard Breien Furuseth Furuseth, Hallvard Breien Head Engineer +47-22852813 46946158
Picture of Are Leif Garnåsjordet Garnåsjordet, Are Leif Head of Group +47-22840184 +47-91152546
Picture of Vincent Garonne Garonne, Vincent Senior Engineer +47-22844504 +47-47634184
Picture of Erlend Fedt Garåsen Garåsen, Erlend Fedt Head Engineer +47-22840193 +47-91380968
Picture of Nils Fredrik Gjerull Gjerull, Nils Fredrik Senior Engineer +47-22840071 +47-40451320
Picture of Svein Gunnar Glenndal Glenndal, Svein Gunnar Senior Engineer +47-22852797
Picture of Ernesto Gonzalez-Benitez Gonzalez-Benitez, Ernesto Senior Engineer +47-22840912 +47-47820981 ConfigMgr, System Center Configuration Manager
Picture of Ellen Grimsgaard Grimsgaard, Ellen Higher Executive Officer +47-22840692 +47-98206838
Picture of Espen Grøndahl Grøndahl, Espen Chief Engineer +47-22850491 +47-93497158
Picture of Rafael Martinez Guerrero Guerrero, Rafael Martinez Chief Engineer +47-22840091 +47-99256907 PostgreSQL, databaser, replication, tuning, linux, SQL, bash, pl/pgsql, cfengine, cert, database security, high availability, system integration, python, monitoring, zabbix, elasticsearch, pgbackman, zabbix-cli, logstash, kibana, ansible, automation, rabbitmq, haproxy
Picture of Are Dag Gulbrandsen Gulbrandsen, Are Dag Senior Engineer +47-22852881 +47-97122198
Picture of Iselin Gulli Gulli, Iselin Head Engineer
Picture of Øyvind Hagberg Hagberg, Øyvind Senior Engineer +47-22852549 +47-98256063 98256063 98256063
Picture of Lise Hamre Hamre, Lise Head Engineer +47-22840580
Picture of Rune Normann Hamre Hamre, Rune Normann Senior Engineer +47-22854116 +47-48222141 48222141
Picture of Audun Lea Hansen Hansen, Audun Lea Senior Engineer +47-22852930 +47-46472990
Picture of Ingvild Hansen Hansen, Ingvild Senior Engineer +47-22852945 +47-93232890
Picture of Øyvind Hatland Hatland, Øyvind Head Engineer +47-22840151
Picture of Sivert Hatteberg Hatteberg, Sivert Head Engineer +47-22852757 +47-92033297 E-postlister, Meldingstjenester, E-post, Chat, Lynmeldinger
Picture of Alexander Hauglin Hauglin, Alexander Principal Engineer +47-22840022
Picture of Helge Hauglin Hauglin, Helge Senior Engineer +47-22840751
Picture of Kaj Hejer Hejer, Kaj Senior Engineer +47-92064153
Picture of Asbjørn Tingulstad Hem Hem, Asbjørn Tingulstad Senior Adviser +47-22850492 +47-45217273
Picture of Sjur Hernes Hernes, Sjur Head Engineer +47-22852765
Picture of Svein Hjemstad Hjemstad, Svein Head Engineer +47-22855028 +47-46196986
Picture of Therese Hagen Hoff Hoff, Therese Hagen Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Inger Holm Holm, Inger Principal Engineer +47-22852779 +47-95234324
Picture of Ivar Holm Holm, Ivar Assistant Director +47-22852540 +47-91804652
Picture of Magnus Holm Holm, Magnus Senior Engineer +47-22840185
Picture of Ole Kristian Holseth Holseth, Ole Kristian Senior Engineer +47-22845608 +47-97652800 Drift, windows
Picture of Gunnar Horrigmo Horrigmo, Gunnar Senior Engineer +47-22852487 99019414
Picture of Magnus Hovland Hovland, Magnus Senior Engineer +47-22852518 +47-95845583
Picture of Joakim Hovlandsvåg Hovlandsvåg, Joakim Senior Engineer +47-22840195 +47-41663174
Picture of Khang Huynh Huynh, Khang Section Manager +47-22840150
Picture of Sven Høgdahl Høgdahl, Sven Senior Adviser +47-22845330 99576812
Picture of Thor Høgås Høgås, Thor Head Engineer
Picture of Thor Høgås Høgås, Thor Head Engineer +47 480 89 725 Linux, VMware, Horizon, Ansible, SaltStack, TSD
Picture of Torjus Håkestad Håkestad, Torjus Head Engineer
Picture of Tony Håndstad Håndstad, Tony Senior Engineer