Assignments for the higher education sector

At the beginning of the 1990s USIT staretd managing a range of IT solutions across the higher education sector (universities and colleges). In the years after 2000 USIT established itself as a major supplier of managed services for the higher education sector.

Two of the biggest assignments are Trofast (joint operation of administrative systems for colleges) and BOT (joint operation of financial systems to the universities in Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim). NIX (Norwegian Internet Exchange) is also part of our activities.

The assignments include development, operation and maintenance of various types of IT services. In total, this activity is about 1/3 of USIT's business and amounts to between 50 and 100 FTEs.

Through this assignment activity, USIT has gained expertise in several disciplines. In addition to the development and operation services for the HE sector, we provide IT services such as scientific computing (supercomputing, statistics), storage, user management systems, learning platforms and IT support. Some assignments also include consultancy and project management.


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