Operational assignments for national services and services for the university and higher education sector

USIT is a large and highly competent IT organization. We deliver a number of large and robust services to the higher education sector in Norway and others. One of these services is that USIT operates one of the interconnection points for Norwegian Internet providers (NIX). Some of the largest assignments for USIT are development and operation of TSD (services for sensitive data) and operation of SIGMA 2 national eInfrastructure for high perfromance computing, and UNIT's systems, such as Samordna opptak (Coordinated admissions), CRISTIN and Felles studentsystem (Joint student system).

The assignments include development, operation and maintenance of various types of IT services. In total, contract work accounts for approximately one third of USIT's business. USIT's commissioned activities are non-commercial.


If you have inquiries concerning USIT's operational assignments or assignments for the higher education sector, please contact us at oppdrag@usit.uio.no.