National IT services

USIT is involved in the development and maintainance of large administrative IT systems for the entire field of education and research in Norway. Read more about the different assignments below.



CRIStin (Current research information system in Norway) is a tool for researchers and research institutions in Norway. The system is aimed to record and promote the publication data, projects, units and competency profiles. The organization CRIStin works closely with the department Department for Development of National Information Systems (SUN) at USIT, and the CRIStin system is developed by system developers here.

MUSIT - museum IT

MUSIT (Universitetsmuseenes IT-organisasjon) is a collaborative initiative aimed at managing and disseminating digitized museum collections, and USIT is involved in these activities. A service unit, named DUG, develops collections management software and manages the day-to-day operations of MUSIT. DUG is part of the Digital Collections Management Group at USIT.