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Work areas

My Primary responsibility is to work as system developer for Natural history applications. My present responsibility involves development of vascular plants application and establishment of process model for application development (AD) and application value management (AVM) projects.

  • Application Development (React, Redux, Rx.js, Scala, Delphi, C #, WPF)
  • Database Development (Oracle, SQL, PL / SQL)

I am having 13+ years of industrial experience in software engineering with different clients like SML, HCL Technologies, Cognizant, JPMC, Norges Bank. I have worked on projects from U.S.A., Netherlands, Norway and India in various stages of the SDLC, interacting closely with the clients. I have extensive experience in project management covering all the stages of the Software Development Life Cycle – Requirement Analysis, Architecture solution definition, Application Design (Database using ER Modeling and Middle Tier using UML / Enterprise Architect), Construction, Testing and Implementation in various roles viz. Project Leader / Team Leader.


Please find below the list of Projects/Work done in UIO


MUSIT-Norway Open sources Project

Norwegian university museums IT organization (MUSIT); cultural history and natural history database with store integration.

MUSIT is a cooperation between the University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University of Tromsø - Norway's Arctic university, and the University of Stavanger. The University museums of Norway hold in trust regional and global scientific collections of natural and cultural history. The cooperative aims to ensure the operation, maintenance and development of the university museums' joint collection databases, and to facilitate sharing dissemination of data for research, education, management and the public.

MUSIT strives for greater integration between its databases. And is an open source initiative cooperating with other projects such as DINA (National History museum of Stockholm - Sweden), and Kotka (National History museum of Helsinki - Finland).


  • Prerequisites

    • SBT latest version.

    • Java 8 latest patchlevel of java 8 SE JDK. (Open JDK should also work)

    • Docker latest version for your OS.

    • NodeJS v7.5 (use nvm to switch between versions https://github.com/creationix/nvm).

  • License

    • All code is protected under the GPL v2 or later and copyright holder is MUSIT as a part of the University of Oslo.




Import Application

  • Created common concept to import data from different formats (text, csv, xls etc.) to Oracle databases. Presently it is implemented for Algae, Fungus, Vascular plant and Entomology. This concept can be use by all the available collections in Oracle.

  • Created common front end Importer application to read data from different formats. This application also creates dynamic queries from input file.

  • Created a common import script and local import script to implement the import logic in Oracle database.

  • End users can run the Importer to import new data and Database administrators can run importer to migrate the complete dataset. Execution of import is very well controlled by various roles.

  • The same system is also used to balk update the database.

  • Link to download Importer application :


Role application

Loan application



Clipboard Utility

  • Clipboard application is a small independent executable module which helps to remember copy clipboard. I have created it for Natural history users but it has common functionalities so everyone can use it..



Main Delphi-Oracle Applications

  • Created SOPP, Entomology, Algae and Vascular plant applications  with two colleagues

  • Continuing improvement & addition of functionalities in above applications



Software process establishment

I have established/initiated below list of process/documents

  • Requirements document: requirements are documented and shared with end users before work starts.

  • Design documents: ER diagram, design diagram etc.

  • Test case and test log documents: Test cases are created with end users in requirements phase and saved in test case document. When the system is ready then end used and Database admins performs testing and update the test log. .

  • Coding standards: Database admins use them for coding.

  • SVN comments for each update:

  • Test application and test database (MUSTST) created for users to perform testing.


Performance of database

  • Worked on performance issues whenever they are needed

  • Intoducesroutines to avoid codes which reduce performance


Seminars conducted 2013

  • Conducted seminar for Loan application

  • Conducted seminar on import of data


Logic and concept implementation

  • Created logic to automate unit testing in Oracle for functions and regular expressions

  • Store formatted regular expression in Oracle with comments inside.

  • Working on common coordinates validation logic

  • Working on common data abstraction. For example, we share a local copy of Administrative places today. So I have created logic to share one common Administrative places for all the Natural history applications.


Users application

  • Added new features in old user creation application. When new user will be created then it will send email to the end user with one-time password.

  • Worked with DBA to finalize the Oracle profile for end users to set complexity of password, the validity of password, the number of fail attempt before locking the password etc.


Proof of concept (POC) 

  • Created WPF C# POC application to insert, update, delete and select data from Oracle database. Based on this POC Loan and RoleAdmin WPF C# applications are created.

  • Created Window C# POC application to insert, update, delete and select data from Oracle database.


Snapshot History concept

  • Created and implemented logic to store phase wise history of complete database.

  • Created script to generate all history database objects and populate them with data.


Common data concept in Database

  • Created and implemented logic to store common data into the same schema for all the Natural history applications. Example: Now Vascular plant application database holds all museums (six museums) vascular pant data.  So one application and one database. Previously we have one application per museum.

Person Module

  • One module holds different datasets

  • The same module is used to search(query by example), show, update, insert and delete data

Map and Coordinates utilities 

  • Created Google map to show query based JSON data on the browser.

  • Shown data on Google map and get data from Google map to the database

  • Handling of different Coordinate system data. For example, MGRS, Lat/Long, UTM etc. 



  • Masters in Software Engineering from BITS, Pilani (INDIA)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from CTAE, Udaipur (INDIA) 


Emneord: React, Redux, Rx.js, Scala, Delphi, C#, WPF, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL,Requirement Analysis, Architecture solution definition, Application Design

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