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What does USIT do?

USIT supports the UiO's main areas of commitment: research, education and applied knowledge. USIT is also a national centre of competency in IT for the higher education sector. 

IT services for research

USIT provides services and resources in the form of software, computational resources, storage services, access to data collections and advanced support for university research. 

IT services for education

USIT provides services and solutions that contribute to the development of teaching and learning quality, students' digital literacy, availability of services and best practice development in the education business. USIT is an advisory expert group for the higher education sector in cases relating to IT in learning.

Applied knowledge

USIT provides services and solutions that simplify access to information, knowledge and data collections that the University has at its disposal, and supports development of the researchers' presentations of important findings. USIT develops and provides tools for the retrieval of cultural and natural history research data. In addition USIT is an important partner in the digitalization of museum collections.

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